Hello, My Name is Jim Radford. I was born January 16, 1973 in Seattle Washington and have lived in Seattle for most of my life. If I forgot to answer a question here, feel free to email me jradford@npl.com and ask!

I have done quite a bit of traveling to places like Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Cozumel, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Previously I have been CTO and Co-Founder of LightRealm Communications In Seattle Washington. LightRealm was sold to Micron in December 2000. I spent some time as Acting CEO at Internet Credit Network, which is a company specializing in e-commerce and online credit card transaction processing in real-time. I also developed some Virtual Server Technology. Now I am the Chief cook and Bottle washer of Siaer Networks, Inc. A company that does managed security and server co-location.

I Love Scuba Diving Here in Seattle we have some of the best cold water diving in the world, But I also like traveling to tropical destinations where the water is warm. I've recently visited Papua New Guinea, Australia, Utila (Honduras), and Cocos Island (Off Costa Rica), and Cozumel. Sofar the best diving has been in Cocos Island, Costa Rica!!!. When I was in Honduras I saw a Whale Shark Which is the largest fish in the sea. I love spending time in my wood shop making things out of wood, or flying through the skies in a helicopter. I plan on getting some horses and becoming a cowboy soon. 

Name: Jim Radford
Age: 37
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175LBS
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
DOB: 01/16/1973


Favorite Stuff
Food: Lasagna from the All-star cafe in NYC
Solo Singer: Morrissey
Band: The Smiths
Song: Prelude in C# Minor (Rachmaninoff), Rubber Duckie (Ernie)
Music: Leonard Cohen, Julie London, Eva Cassidy, Nick Cave, Harry Connick Jr., Ella Fitzgerald, Elliot Smith, Johnny Cash, Wierd Al, Tony Bennett.
Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Book: To Kill a Mockingbird
Sport to watch: Chainsaw Carving
Sport to play: Ping Pong, Scuba Diving
Ice Cream: French Vanilla
Actor: Morgan Freeman
Actress: Madonna for her role in Evita
TV Show: The New Yankee Workshop
State: Washington, Arizona
President: George W. Bush (was Abraham Lincoln)
Midget: Tattoo
Hair Color: Blonde
Hobbies: Woodworking, Scuba Diving, Boating, Flying
Search Engine: Google
Tree: Cedar
Quote: "Its time to get busy living, or get busy dying" - Andy Dufsrene

"I can't" is just a cop-out for those unwilling to think.
Philosophy: Change the things in life you don't enjoy, Take responsibility for your own actions.

The Future
Goals: Something thats a challenge, become a cowboy

Unfavorite Stuff
President: Clinton

"People see no worth in you oh but I do..." - Morrissey