My mother Robin is married to my Dad, and still has Stephanie living at home.

My older sister Suzy () has 6 children, Ian (10), Isabelle (8), Kelly (6), Seth (4), Simon (3), Oliver (1).

My sister Denise () has a Daughter Paisley (), 2 Sons Roman , and Lance .

My sister Jennifer is is married to Chris has two sons Jessie () and Kellen (), and lives at home, and likes Boys.

My Dad is Gary, he lives in Sumner, and enjoys his new boat, as well as raising his remaining family.

I am Jim, but you can read all you want to know about me in the About Me section of my site.

My brother Ryan () lives in Alaska with his wife Rachel ().

My youngest sibling is Stephanie, she is , and likes sleep and food she tells me, but she no longer likes playing with barbie dolls.

"It's time the tale were told, of how you took a child and you made him made him old.... Reel around the fountain, slap me on the patio I'll take it now" - Morrissey